Their Forever Home
Sozo Children
Their Forever Home

My name is Katie Colucy and I am fundraising to help build Sozo Children's forever home. If you don't know me, I have been a missionary with Sozo Children since 2014 after I moved to Uganda for eight months with them.  Since then, I have gone on four trips and now work at Sozo Trading Co., their upscale thrift store in Birmingham. My heart is deeply invested in the kid's lives and with what Sozo Children is doing in Uganda. Sozo Children recently purchased 28 acres of land in a local village to eventually call home. Sozo Children is currently renting four houses in which they care for 80 children. With the purchase of the land, they will be able to build 30 homes, housing 300 kids, a church, a school, a clinic, and three wells. The land won't just benefit the Sozo kids, it will bless the surrounding village and families, the same village where Kids Club is held. These families will be able to have access to clean drinking water, get the medical attention they need, and be able to attend school. The thing is, we need YOUR help to make the Village Project a reality. We have the land, the fence is up, and the wells have been dug, but the funding for the homes, church, school, and clinic, are still needed. These kids aren't just kids in a foreign country, they are family, they are my family. I so deeply want Nicholas, whom my parent's sponsor, to have a forever home along with every other child Sozo Children cares for. Any and all donations are welcomed and I want you to know that when you donate, you are a part of lives forever being changed and families coming together! 


ABOUT 2017 Sozo Village Project

The Village Project, the future home of Sozo Children, is a campaign to build 30 homes for 300 children, a church, a primary & secondary school, a medical clinic & provide clean water wells in 3 Phases. The church and wells have been fully funded; however, we still need funds to build the homes for our children. Sozo Children currently rents homes and Phase 1 will allow us to build permanent homes for the Sozo children. Each house will provide a safe place for 8 children and 1 Ugandan mom.  The ultimate goal of the Village Project is threefold. Children will have a safe place to call home, the local community will have access to vital resources, and most importantly Christ’s name will be glorified. Sozo Children and the Village Project are not the work of human hands, but a movement of God. The Village Project is an opportunity for you to join the journey and play an active role in the work of God to provide children with safe, secure, and loving homes

Name Date Amount Comments
Todd & Cindy Colucy 09/24/2017 $500.00 We are so very proud of our daughter, her heart children and her love for God!
Carlton & Lisa Hardman 09/07/2017 $100.00  
V. Kelley 09/05/2017 $40.00  
Lynn & Ronald Maiden 07/30/2017 $1,200.00  
Sherry & Duane Degenhardt 07/18/2017 $200.00 We want to help Katie and the Sozo project to become a reality for the children of Sozo.
Debbie & John McClellan 07/18/2017 $200.00 We've followed Katie for years now. She is a gift from God. God Bless yo Katie. This is just a small way we can help you with the Sozo children and projects.
Victoria & Carter Colucy 07/13/2017 $50.00  
Terry & Sondra Keith 07/13/2017 $100.00  
Craig & Michelle Pugh 07/13/2017 $20.00  
Anonymous 07/13/2017 $255.00  
Carly Robinson 07/03/2017 $10.00 The cookies were delicious! We love supporting your mission & passion! ❤️️
Natalie Bunn 07/01/2017 $15.00 So proud of you for using what the Lord has given to you to make an eternal impact for the Kingdom. Keep changing the world, sweet girl!
Alayna Pugh 06/30/2017 $20.00 2 Dozen cookies. Thank you sweet friend! ❤️ Can't wait to see how God moves through you this time.
Linda Thall 06/29/2017 $25.00 God Bless You Katie !!!
Katie Colucy 06/28/2017 $200.00  
Sarah Elrod 06/27/2017 $5.00  
Madelyn Holding 06/24/2017 $10.00 My cookies :-)
Sam Benton 06/24/2017 $10.00  
Molly Barnard 06/24/2017 $10.00  
Mackenzie Skiff 06/22/2017 $5.00 For the half dozen of goodness <3
Jeremy & Maddie Moore 06/22/2017 $5.00  
Mark & Riley Cowell 06/22/2017 $5.00 YUM
Joanne McMaken 06/22/2017 $100.00 1 dozen cookies, the rest donation!
Kim Harmon 06/21/2017 $10.00 One dozen please 115 N. Crater Ave Dover Oh 330-243-2696
Kelly Anne Lee 06/21/2017 $10.00 1 dozen please!
  Total $3,105.00  
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