You just started something wonderful! Below you can find the Sozo children and their segments of care available for you to sponsor. You may choose to sponsor multiple segments for one child, or select multiple children to sponsor. 

You may select a specific child to sponsor from this page or we can match a child with you based on our greatest need! On our Sponsorship Resource page, you can find information on Frequently Asked Questions, Sponorship Segements, and more!


Please include a brief introduction of 2-4 sentences about you and your family. **This information will be shared with the child you sponsor so they can get to know you a little better! Information can include: why you chose to sponsor, your favorite hobby, your number of siblings or children, your favorite food, your current occupation, or your favorite Bible verse!


Every child has up to 8 "segments" of care based on their needs. Each segment you choose to sponsor is a $35.00/month donation. A child is considered fully sponsored when we reach a minimum of $280/month. 

For example, if you choose to sponsor one segment for one child, select "1 Segment Sponsor". If you choose to sponsor two segments for one child, select "2 Segment Sponsor." If you choose to sponsor two children at one segment each, select "2 Segment Sponsor." 

*If you choose to give above a child's segment needs, 100% of your giving goes toward providing any unforeseen needs such as emergency medical services, school tuition increases, etc.

If you prefer to sponsor by mailing checks either monthly, semiannually, or anually to the Sozo Children office, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator at or (205) 208-0016.



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