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Six years ago, sitting in math class, I received my calling to work overseas in East Africa. At this time I didn't know the Lord, but a passion for the East African region was rooted in me. After devoting my life to the Lord about a year later, I couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to spend extended amounts of time in Africa, but I didn't yet know how I would do that or what I would do. Fast-forward four years to the Passion Conference in Atlanta, and I was given the answer. During worship, God gave me the clearest command I have ever received. In that moment, the Lord called me to become a nurse for the purpose of aiding in healthcare development in East Africa. Despite this clear calling, I have never been able to go overseas on a mission trip until now. I can't wait for this opportunity to experience what God has planned for the rest of my life and to finally meet the Sozo child I have had the blessing of sponsoring. Even though I haven't met Solomon yet, the blessing of Skype has allowed us to become close friends, and I can't wait to share some special moments with him. As I embark on this call to missions in East Africa, I am in need of a lot of prayer and financial support. Please be in prayer for the people of Uganda to have open hearts to the Gospel and for everybody on the team to be able to effectively live out and share the Gospel of Jesus. Thank you for your support!

ABOUT Uganda Mission - Three Week - December 26th - January 15th (2016/2017)
Name Date Amount Comments
William Sherrill 01/16/2017 $10.00  
Norman & Vicki Antrainer 12/16/2016 $50.00  
Adam & Lauren Bonertz 12/16/2016 $670.00  
Louise Steele 11/30/2016 $100.00 You have turned into a beautiful and amazing woman. I will be praying for you while you go on this journey.
Catherine & Alex Lanter 11/29/2016 $30.00 Happy Birthday sweet sweet friend!!! Excited for your next Uganda trip. We will be praying for you and that you will move mountains (per usual)
Makayla Payne 11/29/2016 $50.00 Happy birthday Lauren!! I love you!
Tina Morris 11/29/2016 $50.00 Happy Birthday. Love you
Madeline Corley 11/29/2016 $15.00 So happy to see you doing what you love! Good luck on the trip <3
Shae Tate 11/29/2016 $22.00 Happy 22nd birthday pretty lady!!!!! I wish I was joining you again for this trip. Thank you for your heart for the advancement of the Gospel and your sincere dedication to the Great Commission. You are worth more than rubies! Keep going into the ends of the earth with the Good News! I believe in you & Adam so much!
Makayla Mobley 11/29/2016 $40.00 happy happy birthday, beautiful!!! i am so proud of you for chasing after Jesus and always answering the call to go! your heart is so beautiful and inspiring- you will forever encourage me to be better and do better. i am blessed to call you friend and sister. much much love to you- praying over your trip!! give all my love to the babes!!
Alex&Josh Kirby 11/28/2016 $40.00 We know you will do amazing things! We love you and as always, are praying for you!
Sandy Downing 11/17/2016 $50.00 I think what you are doing is so wonderful. I did a missions trip to Honduras in 2001 and it was an experience I'll treasure forever. Good Luck and may God bless you in all you do.
Chris McArdle 11/17/2016 $20.00 God bless you!!!
Anonymous Friend 11/17/2016 $500.00 Go give Solomon lots and lots of love ;)
Sara Lindley 11/17/2016 $20.00 So happy for you Lauren! I know God will use you in amazing ways! Sending prayers your way! Love you <3
Anonymous Friend 11/17/2016 $15.00  
Terry Bonertz 11/15/2016 $75.00  
AC Smith 11/15/2016 $40.00  
Elisaa Gargiulo 11/10/2016 $20.00 Happy Thursday, Lo! Love you!
Callie Kaltz 11/07/2016 $100.00 Go! Make disciples! Love you!!
Andrew Reed 11/07/2016 $10.00  
Nicole LoBello 11/07/2016 $40.00 Good luck Lauren!
LaDrake Bell 11/07/2016 $120.00 I know God is going to uses you in wonderful ways, share the Love of Jesus. I'll be praying for you.
Ken, Jo, & Stephen Spivet 11/07/2016 $100.00 Lauren, it's very exciting to know God is working in such wonderful ways in your life! Our prayers are with you as well as a small amount of support.
Baillie Hooten 11/07/2016 $25.00  
Dale and Celeste Ulland 10/30/2016 $100.00 What a great cause undertaken by a great young man. Safe travels, Adam.
Riley Santos 10/29/2016 $20.00 Love and Blessings for this special time in your life!!
Anonymous Friend 10/28/2016 $2,310.00  
Gilbert P. Johnson 10/14/2016 $1,000.00  
Heather Long 10/09/2016 $10.00  
Stella Tschepe-Wiesinger 10/08/2016 $100.00 God just put on my heart to support the next person I see on Facebook who is in need of money. God bless you
Anonymous Friend 10/07/2016 $60.00  
Jenna Sechser 10/07/2016 $50.00 We love you, Adam, and are so proud of you!!!!!
Sam Dillon 10/07/2016 $150.00 From one missionary to another ;)
Bret Malone 10/06/2016 $100.00 So proud of you Adam and your heart to fulfill the Great Commission! Will be praying for you and the people of Uganda. Love you man!!
Bret Malone 10/06/2016 $100.00 So incredibly proud of you Lauren and your heart to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth! Will be praying for you and the people of Uganda. Honored to call you my friend!!
Troy Barnes 10/06/2016 $20.00 I hope you have a great time and I will definitely pray for safety and that God's light will be shown where you go.
Darrin & Susan Gashaw 09/30/2016 $50.00  
Kelly Letalien 09/25/2016 $50.00 God Bless You!!
Laura & James Conway 09/25/2016 $100.00 Hi Adam - I'm a friend of your Mom's from college & wanted to contribute to your mission. Good luck!!
John & Linda Mcknight 09/09/2016 $100.00 Good luck sweet girl!
Rob and Lisa Branaman 09/09/2016 $50.00 Life is good! Thank you for doing such a beautiful thing! Best of luck!
Merri Willis 09/08/2016 $200.00  
Ric & Mary Turner 09/08/2016 $500.00  
Anonymous Friend 08/23/2016 $70.00 Check from Brilee!
Melinda Gargiulo 08/20/2016 $100.00 You have become so very special to me!! Keep spreading God's love and following your heart where He leads. Blessings!!
Anonymous Friend 08/12/2016 $.50 I love you!!
Anonymous Friend 08/11/2016 $75.00 God bless you!!!! =)
Elissa Gargiulo 08/10/2016 $50.00 Love you so much, Lo! I'm so proud of the way you live your life.
Elissa Gargiulo 08/10/2016 $50.00 So proud of you, Adam! Love you my friend!
Halli Williamson 07/31/2016 $50.00 Love you so much, Lauren! So blessed by you and your beautiful heart! Praying God's bountiful grace and abundant joy for this adventure! "For such a time as this."
Shelby Ewen 06/13/2016 $30.00 Auntie Rehema said it all—you're a mother of nations! Thank you for trusting God and obeying his command to make disciples of all nations. See ya in UG sister!
Chris McArdle 06/13/2016 $50.00 God bless you, Lauren!!! I will donate more later!!
  Total $7,757.50