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7030 Meadowlark Drive Suite A
Birmingham, Alabama 35242

(205) 612-0338

Sozo Children exists to further the gospel while saving children in need. Children are in need across this world, and one by one, Sozo Children is reaching each of them. We don't presume to conquer poverty on our own, but by the grace of God, and the movement of the Church, Sozo Children is one avenue through which orphans find families and 

Peer-to-Peer Campaign
Peer-to-Peer Campaign: Uganda Mission - Three Week - December 26th - January 15th (2016/2017)

Money Raised: $33,233.59 

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Adam & Lauren Bonertz

  Raised: $7,757.50
  Goal: $4,000.00

Searcy Fox

  Raised: $4,460.75
  Goal: $4,000.00

Margaret Leatherbury

  Raised: $4,164.85
  Goal: $4,145.00

Maura Lowder

  Raised: $4,050.00
  Goal: $4,000.00

Jennifer Porter

  Raised: $3,559.49
  Goal: $3,600.00

This Ugandan Heart

  Raised: $3,541.00
  Goal: $3,500.00

Going Without Fear: Fundraising

  Raised: $3,500.00
  Goal: $3,500.00

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